Thank you for visiting our ManSoft website. ManSoft is a distributor of manufacturing software in the southwestern part of the USA. We sell, install, and support software systems for the discrete parts manufacturing and metal working industries. These industries include Oil, Gas and Mining Equipment, Computers and Chip Making, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Medical Instrumentation and Job Shops.

Our Products

ManSoft distributes the following software products:


*BTS = Berkshire Technology Systems

Contact Information

For further information on our products, or how ManSoft can be of service in other ways, please contact us:

Telephone:   972 233-2078
Fax: 972 233-8604
Email: dbirk7@sbcglobal.net
Address: 47 Downs Lake Circle
Dallas TX 75230-1900

Our Reach

ManSoft operates in the following states:

• Texas
• Louisiana
• Oklahoma
• Colorado
• New Mexico
• Utah
• Kansas
• Northern Mexico

Our Services

ManSoft supplies turnkey systems. We sell, install, consult, support, maintain, train operators, engineers and managers and write custom software.